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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We All Belong!

"He drew a circle that left me out,
heretic, rebel, a thing to flout;
but Love and I had the wit to win;
we drew a circle that took him in."

This verse comes back to me from childhood. I wish I knew to whom the authorship credit belongs.
Just now, it seems to fit perfectly the strategy that those who need RHCs are called upon to adopt.

One of ARC's and the DDC's newest initiatives is "We All Belong" They make it clear that what they mean is that all people with dd belong at home or in their local community, "not in an institution." "WE ALL BELONG!" is a wonderful statement which SHOULD include everyone, no matter where they live: in an RHC, in the family home, in a group home, in an apartment or a nursing home.

Lets embrace INCLUSIVITY TO THE MAX! Every bit as much as universities, hospitals, schools, senior centers, churches, nursing homes, group homes, intensive tenant supported housing, adult family homes, boarding houses and families that live together are part of the community, so are RHCS and the people who live in them. WE ALL BELONG! Lets sing it out and celebrate! ........Saskia

A Dose of Sanity For SB6182

Yesterday, some much needed sanity was added to SB6182 by senators who understand the importance of the role that RHCs play and who support fiscal accountability & even-handedness in making law, as well as absence of conflict of interest. Gold stars for Senators Schoesler, King, Honeford, Roach and Sheldon!