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Friday, June 18, 2010

Untwisting The Tale: HR 1255: THE TRUTH

As promised, the post, below, is by guest blogger, Tamie Hopp of the VOR. You will see that HR1255 is in deed needed, that it provides critical rights and in no way removes or diminishes any rights.

Don't miss the comments following Tamie's explanation, especially the letter by Terri Anderson, Washington State's representative to VOR.

Untwisting The Tale: HR 1255: THE TRUTH

Thank you for this post and for your effort to set the record straight about H.R. 1255.

It is simply wrong to say that H.R. 1255 restricts choice. Instead, if passed, H.R. 1255 would restore the rights of individuals and their legal guardians to choose their attorneys and not be forced into lawsuits that threaten the very existence of their homes.

Specifically H.R. 1255 would provide residents of Medicaid licensed ICFs/MR, and where judicially appointed, their legal guardians, with the right to be notified of lawsuits involving their homes before they are filed, and provide a time limited opportunity to opt out of the lawsuit (or do nothing and join in). Following a 90 day period the lawsuit could go forward on behalf of a consenting class.

For the past 15 years, the lawsuits that would be impacted by H.R. 1255 have been filed ONLY to downsize and close facilities; conditions of care have NOT been at issue in these lawsuits.

Visit http://www.vor.net if you have any additional questions. (To go there, click above on the post's title.)

Please contact your Representatives in Congress to co-sponsor this bill.

Thank you!