Among those of us who care deeply for and about people with developmental disabilities, I hope to hear emerge a new voice, ours, rising together for the benefit of all, harmonizing with reason, respect and hope, and transcending divisions, giving birth to a new era of creative cooperation.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Developmental Disabilities Exchange:

Everyone's Input is Welcome

This evening, I finally can invite everyone to participate in this blog. Until now, the "comment" section has been locked; and it seemed wrong to invite you to conversation and then prohibit it, so I've been waiting. I am new to this business of blogging, so I'm just feeling my way along.

Part of my background is as a facilitator of peer support groups. Our groups were premised on the belief that when each person truly feels heard, s/he has or can find all his/her own best answers. I am also depending on that premise as I begin this blog. Additionally, I am depending on synergy, the concept that the creative sum of a group is greater than the simple sum of it's members. We all have experience to share for the benefit of others. All of us have felt frustrated and mired, at one time or another, by the system. We can use this blog to ask others how they got past the same hurdles or strategize to do it together. Among us we have resources we perhaps do not even realize others are aching to learn about. And we all have experience that can help others broaden their perspective.

There has been so much division in our collective of dd advocates, caregivers and families, I hope to see healing of that rift. My vision for this blog is open sharing and caring, passionate dialogue which, while acknowledging differences, also respects them, bright, new ideas, and, eventually, a sense of safety, belonging, trust and mutual support: a sense of community and discovery of creative solutions.. Conversely, it will not be productive to disrespect the choices others have made for their loved ones or cast blame. People who feel the need to do that are encouraged to try on a sense of curiosity and interest, instead. It is amazing how transforming it can be when curiosity and interest can replace judgement. It takes real work, sometimes, to accomplish it, but it is always worth the effort.

Thanks for visiting. Please explore the site & leave something for us in the comment box. Your comment on something in the blog, a resource recommendation, your story, your self introduction, a need, whatever you are inspired to write.. It will help me to know you and it will give others courage, too. Thanks. "Comment Moderation" is turned on, but unless it is spam, or something truly crude or rude, I will post it as written. Saskia