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Friday, February 12, 2010

RHC Residents' Rights Rally

RHC Residents' Rights Rally Saturday, Feb 13, 11:30-4:00

Help save the rights of families to choose the services for their loved ones that serve their "best interests."

Families, caregivers & union members from across the state are coming to rally for our loved ones!

We will share stories, & make friends and connections

to become even more effective to sustain the rights of all of the state's qualifying residents with DD, ( not just the current RHC residents).

If you care about someone who lives in an RHC,

if you work in an RHC and care about the rights and wellbeing of RHC residents,

if you have a loved one who lives in the community and you want the peace of mind provided by knowing that, if your loved one, one day, needs such a haven, it will be there for him or her,

please join the party!

Families and caregivers are coming from

Yakima Valley (coming over a snow pass both ways)
Rainier School
Fircrest School

Come meet these and other FHMC families and staff who have been working to rescue the RHCs and the rights of the residents who need them.

WHERE: Bremerton: Corner of Kitsap Way and Adele Avenue (where you turn off Kitsap Way to go to FHMC) in Arnold’s Furniture Parking lot

WHEN: 11:30 am to 4 pm Saturday, February 13