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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pitting People With DD Against Each Other

SB 6182, should it become law, would remove RHCs from State statute. It would clear one obstacle from the path of closing the RHCs. Yesterday, in the morning it was added to the Sen. Ways & Means schedule and then passed on to the Rules Committee without having had a public hearing. Last year, it was tabled for lack of sufficient time for testimony in it's hearing! Why would public testimony have been avoided this year?

Those perpetuating the closure battle surely must know that RHCs actually set the basis for community funding; and closing them very likely would result in less, not more, available community funding for those who are currently wait listed ! So, whose interests could the closure push really be meant to serve? Who stands to gain, especially financially?

Pitting people with developmental disabilities against each other is wrong. Period. Each person is important!. Why not give up the attack strategy so we can work toward understanding and mutual support? Why not, in deed?