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Monday, March 8, 2010

ARC/DDC videos

You are strongly encouraged to visit this website: http://olympiainsider.org/. Cut and paste this URL or click on the link in the left hand list. You will see a list of pictures representing podcast videos, below which are links that you can click to play or download. You can read instructions at the top.

What you will find is a series of surprisingly well done, very political videos, shot on the Washington State Capitol Campus in Olympia, many featuring public officials such as Victor Moore, Director of the Office of Financial Management, along with Sue Elliott of ARC and Ed Holen of the DDC and others. Each is about 4 minutes long and many promote the closure of residential habilitation centers. They were produced as a joint project by the Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) and ARC of Washington. I do not know if any tax money is used by ARC (of 501c3 status) to fund this project, but, as I understand it, the DDC is a state agency funded by Federal grant which matches State funding, which means tax money is certainly funding their participation.

The use of Federal or State tax money for these purposes is of grave concern to those of us whose loved ones depend on RHCs for their safety and wellbeing. Shouldn't public money, both contributed by the government & retained by virtue of exemption from taxation, be used for the benefit of all of the people with dd instead of just those who fit the bias of the groups receiving it?

I will be interested to hear/see your reactions.