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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seattle Parks and Recreation Specialized Programs

I attended the Seattle City Council Finance and Budget Committee on May 4, 2010. I, too, as the previous woman who posted about this meeting, was amazed at the number of people in attendance. I believe there were well over 600 people crammed into the cafeteria and there was an "overflow" room next door.

I attended this meeting (my first ever) to support our Seattle Parks and Recreation Specialized Programs. This program has been instrumental in our son's life. I am always amazed at the interesting and fun activities that they undertake. Our son participates in the Saturday Activity program and the Summer Day Camps at Woodland Park. These two programs are just a snippet of the many offerings to choose from. There are many exciting programs for both children and adults.

I can not say enough wonderful comments about this program - there is nothing else like it. They have never said "we can't take him." No other program is available that will work with the various issues that our son deals with. These programs are for children aged 4-21. It took us until Thomas was about 9 for me to feel comfortable sending him - not because of them but because of me. I had nothing to fear - he has attended almost every Saturday activity and day camp now for 6 years.

Even now with Thomas living at Frances Haddon Morgan Center, we pick him up on Fridays and he attends the Saturday program. He grabs the pamphlet the day it comes in the mail and memorizes the whole schedule. He has had so many exciting trips that he would never have been able to go on if it was not for these wonderful people! This is just a sampling of the trips that they have taken: Oaktree Movie Theater to see a movie, Outback Kangaroo Farm, M-Bar-C Ranch on Whidbey Island, Storybook Theatre, Sky High Sports, Boehmes Chocolate Tour and XXX Rootbeer, Point Defiance Zoo and Safeco Field.

Not only are these great activities but Thomas also has real friends that he has met through the parks department. It is truly a community event for our family members! In addition to the benefits for Thomas, our family has also benefited - it has been wonderful respite time for us.

This Sunday, May 16, is the annual "Moving for Money" fundraiser for the Specialized Programs. Please consider supporting this program to enable our family members to continue being involved these precious activities. Also, please invite your children's friends to also participate - you won't regret it!

I have attached a link to the Spring Catalog of activities for Adults and Children. There is also link to the video of the Seattle City Council Budget and Finance meeting. It lasted several hours but at about time 21:00 and about 51:00, you can see member of our community speaking in support of the Specialized Programs.

Thank You

Cheryl Felak Joins Developmental Disabilites Exchange

Today, I am delighted to introduce Cheryl Felak as a new author of Developmental Disabilities Exchange!

Cheryl has been a contributing reader since the blog's beginning in January. I have been inspired by her seemingly tireless energy and enthusiasm as well as her thirst for answers!

Cheryl comes to us with rich experience and I know readers will be eager to know about her; but I would like to leave it to her to tell about herself.

Welcome aboard, Cheryl.