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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


(IRS deductible / Friends of Fircrest )

Hi Saskia
I am making a request on behalf of the Fircrest Assistive Technology Clinic for donations of computers for people who live at Fircrest School in Shoreline Washington. Almost all homes have at least one Mac for residents to use. Some of these are extremely old and failing. At this time we are requesting help in finding ‘newer’ old Macs.

Specifically we need iMacs with "OS-9" operating system, built in speakers and CD drive that are operational, & a working USB port + keyboard and mouse.

The reason we are requesting older Macs is because the software we have is too old to operate on OS-10 operating system. To replace the special needs software, which is very old would be very expensive & funding is not available.

Thank you for all your efforts for the people who live at Fircrest.

Kathleen(Kathy) M. Smith MSPA
Speech Language Pathologist
Fircrest School
(206) 361-3163
email: smithk@dshs.wa.gov

Note from Saskia: Assistive Technology uses Macs to help residents with a range of needs. They are necessary as well as a special godsend to some whose lack of abilities is extreme. Your donation would make an enormous contribution to their wellbeing.

If you have a tour of Fircrest planned, I recommend that you ask in advance to see the PEP (personal empowerment programs) as part of your tour.

(IRS tax deductible: 501-c3 donations/ Friends of Fircrest )