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Friday, October 28, 2011


Can Tommy's preventable death make a difference? The governor, DSHS and the Wa. legislature need to back up, stop the closures of RHCs! Basic safeguards, systems for prevention of such tragedies are sorely needed in Wa. State's system of "community" residential care. DSHS depends on reporting of incidents, not their prevention. By the time the reporting stage is reached, the person is already harmed! Read this article and look at the cost comparison charts! Not only do Washington's residential habilitation centers RHCs offer safety that our general community system of care for people with developmental disabilities does not match, but it does so at less cost to taxpayers.

This past week, a tragic death occurred. Tommy, a 30-year-old developmentally disabled man, died. Among his developmental disabilities Tommy had PICA, a condition in which a person ingests non-food items. As reported, Tommy’s life ended because he ingested laundry detergent which had been improperly...