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Friday, April 15, 2016


Readers Can Talk To Each Other On This Blog

Of the 14 letters, below,  addressed to Susannah Frame, 2 are from me.  The other 12 were sent to me in response to my invitation to post them on this blog.  King-5/Susannah Frame invited readers comments.  This was in response to my having written asking them to restore  the readers' "Comments "page on their stories in their Last of the Institutions series of deceptions about RHCS.  The "Comments" page  had allowed readers to see what they and other commenters had written and respond to each other.  It was the one place where the rampant misinformation in their stories could be corrected for public viewing, so it was a serious loss.   By comparison, this  blog's readership is small, but the option to comment on each other's posts, and so, converse exists here, as well. Please feel free to use  the comment section below each blog.  If you want  add your own letter that you have sent to to Susannah or King 5, or  add a  a new post about something else, please just send it to me at ddexchanges @gmail.com   (close the space first).  I will post it for you.